Unblocked and Rarin’ To Go With Pixeldolls

Well, to say that August has been a rough month for me would be an understatement.  I have been in SL for two years (In fact just celebrated my 2nd rez day on August 8th).  To some, I’m young, to others old.  In those two years I have been extremely blessed to meet amazing people.  I never really had to deal with people close to me leaving SL.  Well in these past 20 days, I lost three people extremely close to me to RL, including my partner of over a year, Justen.  They are still alive and well (I hope). But RL took over.  And in many ways, it’s like a death, a mourning period.  Also a lot of other changes in my SL.  My Clan merged with another after being one of the oldest clan in Bloodlines.  Now, instead of being a Sleepless Knight, I am a proud member of the wonderful Charmed Death Horde. PLUS 13 years AFTER graduating with my BFA in Theatre in RL, I will be going BACK to school in a few days to start working on my Masters in Business Administration. While I am now excited for the new adventures….all that change coming at me at once, made me a little cranky.

But now I am back and ready to start blogging again.  Thank you so much to all the wonderful designers I work with for being so understanding about me needing to take a little time to sort things out.

This dress below is, I believe, the first outfit I am blogging from the popular store, PixelDolls.  Well let me tell you, I just love this Asian Inspired dress.  What I love even more is how sexy it is. Extremely conservative from the front, with extra long sleeves and a high neck….but from the back…WOWZA.  I am a big fan of a bare back.  The texturing work on this build is just fantastic.  I love when it looks like real fabric. I also love that it comes with long pants on the bottom. It gives it the look of a long duster jacket as opposed to just an ankle length dress.  I also love that this is an outfit that looks amazing on us Amazons.  

I do have to give a special mention to these shoes.  They are from PixelFashion and they were a rez day present from my sissy, Josslynn Fhang and I am LO\/ING THEM.  They are hot hot hot and the skin texturing on them is AMAZING. Well actually all the texturing on them is amazing.

Hair – Folie D’Etat in Noire – Vanity Hairs
Hairbase – Tattooed Hairbase in Noire (Darker) – Vanity Hairs 
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Extra Large – Eye Candy
Nails – Metallic Nails in Black – ::PurpleMoon Creations::
Outfit – Vigne – (PixelDolls)
Shoes – Oshun Shoes in Black – :)(: PixelFashion

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