Fifty5 Linden Thursdays at PurpleMoon

Yeah, yeah yeah, I know it’s Monday.  Lucky for all of us, Poulet is so generous she leaves up the outfits for Fifty5 Linden Thursdays up all week.  So you still have a few days to run down to PurpleMoon and grab this gorgeous dress and necklace (there is also a pretty shirt available for 55L, not shown in this post). I just love the detail work on the bodice, the pretty strings that hang down.  I simply adore maxi dresses (something that just do not look flattering on my short frame in RL) but are so complimentary to my 7 feet plus frame in sl (Yes, I’m tall and I’m proud of it, if I wanted to be 5’4″ I wouldn’t log into SL).  This Amazon just adores the dream catcher inspired necklace as well.  The necklace is available for 55L (The matching earrings that I am wearing are not).  The blues in the dress are such pretty shades. And all of the prim parts are menu mod and we all know how much I love that.

Hair – Andarial in B & W – Magika Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Extra Large – Eye Candi Lashes
Earrings – Feather Earrings in Air Tones – ::PurpleMoon::
Necklace – Feather Necklace in Air Tones – ::PurpleMoon:: 55L Thursday Item
Dress – Carnation Gown in Blue – ::PurpleMoon:: 55L Thursday Item

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