The Pink Tiki Gown From PurpleMoon

As part of a special photo contest was held for all to enter asking the models to create a look that Showed Your Style and was sponsored by The Passion Fashion Agency.  The winner of this contest was Pink Sparrowhawk and in honor of her win, The Pink Tiki Gown was created.  Below are all six colors of the gown that are now available for sale at PurpleMoon.  Once again, Poulet just completely and totally outdoes herself.  This is a slimmer formal gown, with a gorgeous mermaid silhouette and beautifully detailed headpiece, detailed flower work (a common theme in a lot of PM’s builds) and a gorgeous delicate lace bolero jacket. 

Hair – Andarial B & W – Magika Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Asian 1 – Eye Candi
Dress – Pink Tiki Gown in (from top) Midnight, Silver, Teal, Black, Chocolate and Gold – ::PurpleMoon Creations::

2 thoughts on “The Pink Tiki Gown From PurpleMoon

  1. You are going to gi\/e me a big head Poulet if you keep being so complimentary!!!! As i keep saying…the pictures wouldn't come out so well if the clothing i'm wearing in them wasn't sooooooo AMAZING!! *HUGS*

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