Ariel from My Precious by Agnes Finney

This is the newest gown from My Precious by Agnes Finney.  Once again, just a stunning, gorgeously textures and built uber formal ball gown from this renowned fashion house.  It comes in four colors – Green, Champagne, Pink and Red (shown below).  It includes two different full skirts.  One in a solid color and the second with a gold lace brocade trim.  My favorite part of this absolutely gorgeous ensemble though, is the hat.  I just adore it.  Again we see the butterflies that have become such a wonderfully popular design note in many of the couture and high fashion houses of SecondLife. The veil adds a touch of mystery to the look.  This look, like many of Agnes’ designs are not for the fashion feint of heart. But if you have an event to attend and you want to stand out and make a statement, this is DEFINITELY the gown you should be wearing.

A special thank you to my sissy, Inaya Rajal for letting me borrow her JCNY earrings to go with the outfit.  Love you sissy!!!

Hair – Darla in Twilight – Exile
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Asian 1 – Eye Candi
Earrings –  NorthStar Formal Diamond Earrings (New York at Night) – JCNY
Dress – Ariel in Red – My Precious by Agnes Finney

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