All Eyes On Venomous Rage Designs

A friend of mine, Frozen Rage, has a shop called Venomous Rage Designs.  I featured a set of his eyes in a past post. Today he surprised me by dropping three brand new eyes into my box.  Now as anyone who knows me or my blog, I normally wear the eyes I have been wearing for almost a year and a half…my Diamante Eyes 13 by Beauty Avatar (which is now Glam Affair).  Frozen has a real talent for really funky, fun, gothic eyes.  Most completely non human, but not animal either.  So here are his three newest. So if you are looking for amazing eyes, tattoos and clothing….head on down to Venomous Rage Designs!!

Hair – Poison in Noir – Vanity Hairs
Hairbase – Tattooed Hairbase in Noir (Darker) – Vanity Hairs
Skin – Layla Grey B – Glam Affair
Eyes – Finding Your Target (Picture 1), Scarred Piercing (Picture 2), 
Starfire Love (Picture 3) – Venomous Rage Designs 
Earrings – Fumo Earrings – ::MOOD::

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