At Home With PurpleMoon

I am quite con\/inced that in rl, I am suffering from some sort of plague.  Tried to go to work this morning and after being there 1 hour, promptly drove home.  Tried to sleep, but couldn’t.  Signed in world and was promptly reminded that it’s Thursday, which means Fifty5 Linden fabulousness from PurpleMoon. YAY.  There are three items up for only 55L each today and I am wearing all of them in the below pictures. The dress, the hat and the fabulous blue nails.  Once again, Poulet doesn’t disappoint in her builds and the items she has on sale for 55L are of course, of the same quality as all of her full priced builds.  Enjoy.

Hat – Clarisse in Deep Sky Blue *Jasmine Capeline* – ::PurpleMoon:: Fifty5 Linden Thursday Item
Hair – Aina in Black – Magika
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Lashes Extra Large – Eye Candy
Jewelry – Alluring Aquamarine Set – Addiction Jewelry
Nails – Metallic Ocean Blue Nails – ::PurpleMoon:: Fifty5 Linden Thursday Item
Dress – Sunshine in Aquamarine & Green – ::PurpleMoon:: Fifty5 Linden Thursday Item
Feet – Prim Feet – N-Core


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