Hold The Phone!! THIS IS ONLY 50L Sakito by Blue Blood (Woeful Wednesday)

Ok, I am not a gothy Vampire Princess. I was for about 4 days when I first joined Bloodlines almost 2 years ago.  But since then, not really.  Well this outfit may be just change my mind. I mean, it got me so excited, my fangs popped out and they won’t go back in! (Guys can probably sympathize with this dilemma…ROFLMAO) This is the Sakito dress by Blue Blood and tomorrow (Wednesday, June 15, 2011) this GORGEOUS STUNNING Gothic Leather gown is going to be ONLY 50L. (It will go back up to the normal 300L price on Thursday…and I still think that is REALLY inexpensive for this outfit).  I can not get over the stitching detail in this gown.  I keep saying what separates a good build from a great build isn’t the prims used but TEXTURING, and Ghanima Uriza, the owner and designer of Blue Blood has NAILED it.  I am literally just amazed at this build.  FIFTY LINDEN!!!! INSANE.(And Ghanima told me she almost always participates in Woeful Wednesdays, either building something special for the day or reducing an item to 50L).   The eyes are by a friend of mine, Frozen Rage, who is the owner/designer of Venomous Rage Designs.  I saw these and knew they would kick ass with this outfit.  He also does AMAZING tattoos….hmmm, maybe I’ll do a tattoo post soon.


Hair Attachment – Hare in Noire – Vanity Hair
Hair Base – Tattoo Hair Base in Noire (Darker) – Vanity Hairs
Skin – Layla Light Skin – My Sweet Vampire D – Glam Affair (Zombie Popcorn Hunt 4)
Eyes – Ice Queen – Venomous Rage Designs
Fangs – Bloodlines The Thirst Fangs – Liquid Designs
Dress – Sakito in Black – Blue Blood (50L Woeful Wednesday Special)
Boots – Bax Ankle Boots in Black Patent Leather – Bax Coen

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