Did I mention I love PurpleMoon?

My favorite shop on SL, PurpleMoon is BUSY this month of June.  Celebrating an anniversary, being part of the Moolto Hunt. (Moolto is the Social Networking Site created JUST for SecondLife Avatars, cause Facebook is being all mean and randomly deleting some profiles created for SecondLife Avatars), plus the grand opening of B O H O  H O U S E.  PLUS the In World Group just hit 8000 members.  Poulet, the amazing designer/owner has been giving away some amazing gifts (I have yet to find the Moolto Hunt item, but I will….by hell or high water I WILL). These two AMAZING outfits…one a gorgeous gown and the other a cute vintage inspired sculpted casual dress.  You must belong to the In World Group to claim both of these items, and there is a one time fee of 50L to join the group.  But once you see both these items, you will know that 50L is a small price to pay when you see the gifts that group members are used to receiving.

The first dress is the Group Gift #1 for the Month of June and it is a beautifully sculpted, brightly colored Retro Inspired Halter Dress. The skirt is menu mod to fit your avi perfectly (I would suggest wearing an alpha layer that hides your butt with it, as I have done, so when you walk your butt doesn’t poke through it, as it is sculpted and not flexi, it does NOT come with this alpha layer).  The Mimmi Earrings from Finesmiths Mimmi Set compliment the outfit perfectly!

Hair – Summer in Emo Black – Fri.day
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Lashes Extra Large – Eye Candy
Earrings – Earrings from the Mimmi Set (Smokey Pink) – Finesmith Jewelry
Dress – Retro Dress – ::PurpleMoon:: (Group Gift June, Anniversary Gift #1)
Shoes – Sassy Platinum Stilettos – H&S

This next gown is simply stunning.  It is the Marilyn Gown in Magenta. Each time the group hits a milestone, Poulet releases a special gift to the group.  Marilyn is in celebration of the PurpleMoon In World Group hitting 8000 members…YES EIGHT THOUSAND members.   PurpleMoon has some of the most gorgeous gowns on the grid.  This one is no exception.  You can purchase the gown in other colors at full price, or you can drop 50L on the In World Group fee and pick it up in this color for FREE (along with the Retro Dress). I can tell you, neither of these dresses would be anywhere CLOSE to 50L at full price.  The beautiful detail of this skirt is just breathtaking.  And yes, I am totally in love with my Folie D’Etat hair from Vanity Hairs and I am wearing it every chance I get. So RUN to PurpleMoon.  Once again, Finesmith Jewelry caps off this look flawlessly.

Hair – Folie D’Etat in Noire – Vanity Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Lashes Extra Large – Eye Candi
Jewelry – Osher Earrings & Necklace – Finesmith
Dress – Marilyn in Magenta – ::PurpleMoon:: (8000 Member Group Gift)
Shoes – Sassy Platinum Stilettos – H&S

2 thoughts on “Did I mention I love PurpleMoon?

  1. omg omg omg!!!! I am absolutely in love with this post!!!!!! You love PurpleMoon and I love you!!! LOL If you like to blog for us, please contact my manager, you will see on my picks and we would love to have you on our list! Thank you so so so much!xoxoPoulet

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