Zoe from Glitteratti by Sapphire

One of the things I did not expect when I started this blog was the amazing designers I would actually come in contact with.  I thought I would go out, buy stuff or raid my inventory and put it in my blog.  I honestly did not expect anyone to actually read my blog.  Who cares what I think or what I say?  Half the time, I don’t. LOL.   Since starting this blog, so many amazing things ha\/e begun to happen for me in SL. The best, most definitely, is the people I am meeting.  Readers, Models, Designers. The biggest compliment *I* can receive is when a designer contacts me and thanks for me for the blog I did on their design.  One designer who’s builds I really adore and who I just find to be one of the sweetest women I have met is Sapphire Teebrook, Owner and Designer of Glitteratti by Sapphire.  So this blog post is dedicated to one of her newest designs, Zoe.  This is a wonderfully textured, sexy, funky outfit. I love outfits than can be worn more than one way. It’s like getting multiple outfits for one price. And the boots, also called Zoe, compliment the outfit perfectly. (The boots and the outfit are sold separately).

Hair – Exa Runway Hair in Black – ::PurpleMoon:: (Pics 1 & 2)
Francesca in Crow – Truth Hair (Pic 3)
Cinta in Black – Magika (Pic 4)
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Jewelry – Mythical Haunt Set – ::MOOD:: (Pic 3)
Clothes – Zoe in Coal – ! Glitteratti ! by Sapphire
Shoes – Zoe in Coal Boots – ! Glitteratti ! by Sapphire (Pics 1 & 5)
Carnivale Heels in Black – Deviant Designs (Pics 3 & 4)
Extras – Vain Sunglasses in Silver

This final picture is just fun.  One of the amazing people I have met along the way is Hailllie Larsson-Kidd (Halllie Larsson in world).  She is also a syndicated blogger, author of the SL Fashion blog Simply Halllie and has been a top model in SL for a few years now.  She has been an amazing source of inspiration and support to me.  Here we are, both in the Zoe outfit at Glitteratti Poses and Animations (not to be confused with Glitteratti by Sapphire)


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