Now THIS Is What I’m Talkin’ About.

Ok there will be much gushing about three of the items I am wearing in this look….

I started to do a blog about the items I picked up this week at the Fashion Garrett and The Dressing Room Blue (and I will definitely be doing a blog about those). Then I put on the first outfit I got from The Fashion Garrett…and promptly decided that this dress needed it’s own post. I think it is THAT amazing. Why, you may ask.  The texturing.  Plain and simple.  When I put on this chic, simple grey and black dress from Nemesis for the Fashion Garrett I was blown away.  The prim pieces for the skirt and the shoulders literally DISAPPEAR.  You can barely see them at all. That is how flawless the texturing of this dress is.  That is what separates a good dress from a great dress.  And this has it in SPADES.  Combine that with the fact that I got the dress for less than 70L. A-MAY-ZING!!!

The second item is the earrings…once again Jori Watler, Owner/Designer of ::MOOD:: Jewelry has out done herself with the gorgeous Fumo Earrings.  They look like hand hammered Silver.  They are just stunning. I can’t put into words how much I adore these earrings.  They were available for a special price for Moody Mondays, but bad me, I waited to long to blog about them. I didn’t have something to wear them with.  But I thought they went perfectly with this outfit.  Rumor has it a matching necklace will be available shortly.  I just love Jori’s builds.

The third item are the Carnivale Heels by Rosie Lavochkin, owner/creator of Deviant Designs  Now, when I saw the note card for these shoes, (which I bought at full price), I knew HAD to have them.  I love closed toed shoes that have the arch of your foot included in the shoe.  It just gives it such an amazing line.  Now, let me tell you a little story.  So often I find people are ready to tell anyone who will listen when someone screws them over, but doesn’t mention anything when someone helps them.  Well I was having just a bitch of a time trying to match the skin of the shoe to the rest of my body.  It was ALMOST perfect but not quite. So, I imed Rosie the creators.  First off…she answered me right away!  Then she asked me if I tried all the normal tricks…I said yes.  She then asked me what skin I wore, I said Martina Glow in Fair from LAQ.  She then said “Oh I don’t wear LAQ so I don’t know even where to begin to help you with that.”.  Well I said thank you and I was ready to close the box when Rosie said to me “Hold on a minute”.   This woman, who owns one of the biggest stores in SL then went to LAQ, picked up a Demo in the same skin tone that I had and FIGURED OUT THE RGB value for me.  I was completely floored.  This was customer service abo\/e and BEYOND.  I have never heard of ANYONE doing something like that.  I didn’t know Rosie. This is the first time we spoke.  Rosie’s creations, especially her shoes, are amazing and worth the linden she asks for them (The Carnivale Heels are 450L per pair and come in about 5 or 6 other colors) but the service she offered is priceless and I will NE\/ER hesitate to spend my money at her shop or to pass her LM along to my friends.  This will not be the last time you see Deviant Designs featured in this blog.

And the blindfold?  It looks hot and I am exhausted. So I didn’t have the patience to make sure my eyes were looking ahead instead of rolling in the back of my head when I took the picture.

Ok, enough talking….on to the photo’s…which, just a reminders…are NOT photo shopped or edited in ANY way other than cropping and a color saturation of 15 percent through the entire photo using Microsoft Picture Editor.

Hairbase – Tattoo Hairbase – Amacci Hairs
Hair Attachment – Mia in Black – ::PurpleMoon::
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Blindfold – Cloth Blindfold in Black (Color Change) – *~*Illusions*~*
Earrings – Fumo Earrings – ::MOOD::
Dress – Pure Dress in Silver – – Nemesis – for The Fashion Garrett
Shoes – Carnivale Shoes in Black – *Deviant Designs* 
Poses – Agape Poses Animations (Pics 1,2,3,4, 7 & 8)
::WetCat:: (Pics 5 & 6)

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