Free Gift from The Secret Store on the Modavia Sim

I love The Secret Store. I mean I LOVE THE SECRET STORE.  The textures on the outfits, especially the dresses are so worth the Linden.  Which is why I have NO problem whatsoever paying full price for items at this store.  So imagine how crazy excited I get when I learn there is a FREE item available at the Modavia Fashion Sim location of the Secret Store.  The group is free to Join too!!!! 0L!!  YAY.  Put me in a better mood than when I woke up this morning (not going to apologize for my mornings post though, and honestly there will be more of the “Unbound” posts, cause I have gotten amazing feedback about it).  Maybe even little “Unbound” tidbits in my normal fashion posts.  But I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this dress.  It is awesome. The skirt is beautifully sculpted. And one of the aspects about the Secret Stores builds that I really love, is that while this skirt is sculpted, it is built in such a way that when I walk my butt cheeks don’t poke through. The belt is part of it and the skirt prim and the shoulder prim are both menu mod, so it’s easy to fit to you avi. (The belt is connected to the skirt prim).

Warning though, apparently I’m about to commit another posing faux pas by showing off my armpit. *GASPS*.  Really? It’s sexy and me and the dress look hot and so is the pose. (It’s from Agape). And I use Dove Antiperspirant/Deodorant (fancy trademark and/or copyright symbol here), so my skin is smooth as soft as a prim babies butt.

Hair – Inverted in Pitch – LeLutka 
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ 
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ]
Dress – FrouFrou in In Bloom – The Secret Store (Free Gift at the Modavia Fashion Sim)
Nails – Bark Brown Metallic Nails – ::PurpleMoon::
Shoes – Coquette Noir Mischief Wedge – Indyra Originals

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