Bucking The Trend

No pics in this post. This is where the “Unbound” part of my blog name comes into effect.

Just a simple statement.

I am not a trained SL Model.  I thought about it. I wanted to be.  But alas, I couldn’t afford the 8K, 10K or e\/en 20K lindens it costs (insane of course but you’re paying for the connections not really the “lessons”…like in rl it’s all about who you know) for classes.  Now, apparently my big faux pas is *gasp* hiding my hands while wearing a gown.  I realize it’s SL and not RL….but seriously…is it a big secret that in SL your hands can break through what appears to be 20 layers of taffeta like a hot knife through butter?  Hair can pierce your sternum with the force of reinforced steal re-bar?  (Ok that one really annoys me and the answer is simple, change hair) 

  If you look at real runway shows, especially high fashion like those at New York or Paris Fashion Week, you will see models walking down the runway, hands hidden in the fabric of their dresses.  Their hands are not off to the sides looking like they are balancing on a tight rope 40 feet above an audience.  Now I know that “they” say that’s the proper way to model a gown on SL, but I don’t know who “They” are. Does anyone know who “They are?”  Can I get specific names?  “They” may not like me, I may not like “them”. So for now, If I feel that a picture shows off a dress in the best possible light, even if it hides my hand just a bit, I am going to use it. I never claimed to be an SL Photographer. I realize that may not get me invited into the best academies, I may not be in the most exclusive groups, but it will let the 99% of female avi’s on SL know what the dress/outfit truly looks like.  

Now if someone wants a model to pose a certain way for their ad and their show…well of course…it’s their call.  That is what the model is paid to do. But to crucify someone cause a finger dipped ever so gently into the fabric of the gown they are wearing (especially when the skirt is big enough to hide the Von Trapp family).  Please.  

If you don’t like that, I guess you don’t have to read me. I wish you would. LOL. I am not going to lie.  I truly do appreciate all the amazing people who do and all the amazing designers who are honoring me with letting me wear their stunning creations.  Yes, I am writing about them, getting the word out there, but if it wasn’t for them and their creativity I would have nothing to write about.  It is truly a symbiotic relationship.

And for those who don’t like me….well…the hand hidden in my dress has a message for you.

❤ Bella 


2 thoughts on “Bucking The Trend

  1. LOL Thank you so much. I was talking to a friend and I think there will be more of these little "Unbound" posts. Mostly fashion of course, for it is my lo\/e and weakness on SL. But I always enjoy rocking the boat and questioning the "Powers That Be".

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