Hot For HOX

House of Xevion aka HOX was a store I went to for the first time yesterday.  I had heard of it before, but for some reason, I never went into it.  Since starting this blog, I have begun exploring shops more.  Taking those tps I would not have taken before.  So on my little Fifty5 Linden Thursday outting, I got two amazing outfits from HOX.  One of them, the Imperial Excellence Gown in Rose was one of two gowns on sale for 55L. The second look, the Savannah, was a tiny box on the floor when I first walked in, on sale for only 50L.  Two completely different looks from the same store for just 105L.  I have to admit I had the hardest time figuring out what shoes to wear for the second look.  So, I took a deep breathe and dove into the shoe/boot folder of my inventory. I found these mens’ boots that I got over a year ago on the Le.Look Sim.  Just like in real life girls, sometimes wearing something of his makes something work even better than wearing something of your own.

This first look…well, it’s just a WHOLE lotta gown.  It’s sexy and regal. It reminds me of the outfits that Twyla Tharpe or Isadora Duncan would wear when they would dance across Europe. I love the hat. I am a big hat girl. If I can find a hat in SL that I can fit over my hair, I will wear it. I love how the detail on the hat creates a faux veil.  And yes, I did blink in the first photo…but after looking at it, I’m going to say I MEANT to close my eyes….That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Hair – Summer in Emo Black –
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ] for The Dressing Room
Gown –  Imperial Excellence Gown in Rose – House of Xevion (HOX)

 This next outfit, the skirt is not flexi at all, completely sculpted, but the hat and just how colorful it was drew me to it.  I think it’s fun and flirty (once again, the hat thing).  The boots are male boots and honestly, I don’t know what store they are from.  They were on a board of items that were part of a group hunt for the Le.Look Sim around Christmas 2009.  The same day I got my special edition gray suede Bax Ankle boots. (Yes, that’s how long ago this was…this was BEFORE Bax had their own Sim). I just love the hat…like the above gown reminded me of the modern dancers of the early/mid 20th Century, this one reminds me of the dancers you would find in a Fosse choreographed musical…Chicago, Damn Yankees, Sweet Charity, Pippin….(Yes in RL I am a HUGE Drama Geek with the Bachelors of Fine Arts in Performance to prove it).

Hairbase – Tattoo Hairbase in Black Coal – Amacci Hair
Hair Attachment – Mia in Black – ::PurpleMoon::
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ] for The Dressing Room
Earrings – Peacock Earrings in Orange – Finesmith Jewelry
Dress – Savannah Dress – House of Xevion (HOX)
Boots – Men’s Brown Chunky Ankle Boots – Le.Look Sim Discount Item, 12/2009

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