When Will I Learn???

A few posts ago I stated that I normally don’t shop at The Fashion Garrett because I felt the clothing featured there wasn’t really my style.  Well, wouldn’t you know it….I stop by there today and I find not ONE look that I like but TWO looks that I simply had to buy.  Much like The Dressing Room and TDR Blue, The Fashion Garrett features looks from some of SecondLife’s hottest designers at steeply discounted prices.  These two outfits cost me no more than 70L each. Two very different looks from two different fashion houses: Chantkare and Zenith.

The first look is from the amazing Applonia Criss, the owner/designer/creator of Chantkare. I had the pleasure of speaking with Applonia a bit this afternoon and that’s exactly what it was; a PLEASURE.  It is so nice to speak to such talented people who are not only talented but also just flat out NICE people.  Yes, even in SL, I have run into some who just have huge heads and egos and who are rude and obnoxious…Applonia is not one of them.  Sweet, funny, modest and so willing to help. 

This is the Isley Dress and it is available at The Fashion Garrett.  Expecting nothing less from Chantkare, the texturing and the build is nothing less than stunning on this total steal of a dress. The earrings are from PurpleMoon’s B O H O  H O U S E line and they are currently on sale at the main B O H O  H O U S E store (across from the main ::PM:: store) for only 10L

Hair – Summer in Cynical Black – Fri.day
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ] for The Dressing Room
Earrings – Feather Earrings in Gold (Full Bright) – ::PurpleMoon:: (10L as of posting)
Dress – Isley Dress – CHANTKARE for The Fashion Garrett
Boots – Bax Prestige Boots Orange Metallic – Bax Coen

The next look is just adorable.  The texturing on the shirt is gorgeous.  It’s from =Zenith= and also available at The Fashion Garrett this week.

Hair – Karen in Crow – Truth Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ] for The Dressing Room
Earrings – Petal Earrings in Blue – [ glow ] Studio
Outfit – Light Blue Krystal and Jeans –  =Zenith= for The Fashion Garrett
Feet – Prim Feet – N-Core
Extra – Final Pose – Miamai – Lazy Sunday Anniversary Pose

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