La Dolce Vita

I ran to Vita’s Boudoir to pick up this absolutely gorgeous dress that is on sale for only 100L.  100L!!!!!  It drapes your body in flower petals making you the embodiment of Springtime.  What I personally love is how classy yet extremely sexy it is.  The completely bare back and from the side, just a slight glimpse of your breast.  A lady knows that less is always more and you always want to leave something to the imagination, even in SL and Vita’s seems to never fail when it comes to that.  This dress is actually designed by Vita’s Co-Owner, Precious Restless.

Just a note: You will notice that the last picture looks a little different than the other three.  That is because before I took that final picture, I changed my in world graphics settings from mid to take away the glow factor a bit, so you can see the amazing detail work that went into this stunning build (the skirt is o\/er 500 prims).  As always, NONE of my pictures are altered in anyway other than being cropped and a color saturation set to 15 (On Microsoft Picture Editor).

Hairbase – Tattoo in Black Coal – Amacci Hair
Hair – Fayne in Black Coal  – Amacci Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ] for The Dressing Room
Earrings – Petal Earrings in Pink – [ glow ] Studio
Dress – Wild Orchid – Vita’s Boudoir (100L Special)
Shoes – GOSH Pumps in Pink Pather – MStyle (Subscribo Gift)

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