Now, This Is My Kind of Hunting!!

There was a time when all my spare time on SL was spent doing Grid-Wide Hunts.  I wouldn’t bother looking at the blogs, I would just burn through hunts.  After going through and organizing my inventory last April, I decided that it was time to be more selective with the hunts I do and also the items I would chose to pick up. Not only would I pick up the hunt items, but if the store had it, I would hit their Subscribo.  What is a subscribo? It’s a wonderful invention that let’s you get info, updates and sometimes free gifts from stores/group without using an In World Group spot.  Not all designers/owners send group gifts out through the Subscribo’s, so if you really like the store, I would suggest joining the In World Group (A lot of the times, in order to get the Group Discounts/Gifts you have to wear your tag). But you are kept up to date.  On subscribo I hit during my last round of hunts (The Happy Holiday and With Love From hunts in December 2010) was for a store called Mashooka.  One side is “Western” and the other side is “Indian”.  She’s got a beautiful array of sari’s and other clothing inspired by South East Asia.  She’s also got a mini hunt going on. 14 little gift boxes outside the store.  And from few of them, I was able to put together this SUPER cute, girly, sexy and fun outfit.  Enjoy! The hunt is going on until Sunday, May 8th, 2011.

Hair – Lanie in Crow – Truth Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Large – Eye Candi
Jewelry – NEW Earrings and Rings – :Mashooka: (In Store Hunt Item)
Dress – Naina Dress – :Mashooka: (In Store Hunt Item)
Shoes – Sophia Pumps in Teal Spring Set – R.icielli for TDR

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