Group Gifts Spotlight…..from *Coco*

Most designers put out group gifts by the month and then at the end of the month they take them back, or they send them out as an attachment in a Group Notice.  But, there are a few designers who don’t do that.  They leave the Group Gift vendors out in the store month after month, so when you go to their store, there is literally a WALL of freebies for the taking if you join the In-World Group.  Some do charge a small one time group joining fee and some don’t.  One of those designers is Cocoro Lemon, Owner and Designer of *Coco*. This post is going to be a two part one, featuring ALL the group gifts available currently at this amazing store. The group is also free to join!!  PLEASE NOTE: NOT ALL ITEMS I AM WEARING ARE FROM *COCO*.  Please look at the description under each picture to see which of the items are from *Coco*.
Hair – Stephanie in Crow – Truth Hair
Skin – Martina Glow in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Miranda Eyelashes – !Imabee
Lipstick – High Gloss – Lapin Lips for The Dressing Room
Bracelets – Walking in Manhattan Bangles – PR!TTY (JFTG Hunt 2010)
Nails – Metallic White Chalk Nails Bright – PurpleMoon
Bodysuit – Sheer Bodysuit – *Coco* (Group Gift)
Leggings – Shiney Leggings – *Coco* (Group Gift)
Shoes – Coquette Noir Mischief Wedge – Indyra Originals

Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Hat – Fur Trapper Hat – *Coco* (Group Gift)
Jacket – Shirt & Parka Checkered – *Coco* (Group Gift)
Shirt/Shorts – Tee & Denim Shorts – *Coco* (Group Gift, also comes with Green Tee, not pictured)
Boots – Flat Ankle Boots in Black – *Coco* (Group Gift)
Pose – Fight Me Free Hand – DieselWorks (In Store Hunt Gift)

Hair – Cheesecake in Black – LoQ Hairs for TDR
Hairbase – Hairbase Tattoo in Black Coal – Amacci Hairs
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ 
Earrings – Studio Nite in Gold – [glow] for TDR
Nails – Metallic Baby Pink Nails – PurpleMoon
Jacket – Porter Jean Jacket Dark – [mon tissu]
Shirt – Sheer Comfort in Elephant Grey – [ATOMIC]
Pants – White Leggings – *Coco* (Group Gift)
Boots – Bax Prestige White Leather Boots (White) – Bax Coen
Pose – Just Glam – Miamai Model Pose (Lazy Sundays Item)

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