The Beauty That is 55L Thursdays

In my opinion, one of the best stores in SL is a not so little place called PurpleMoon.  I found it one day while on a Grid Wide Hunt (The Platinum Hunt in August 2010 I believe).  Absolutely gorgeous outfits and gowns.  And the most amazing group gifts (there is a small fee to join the group, but it is SOOOO worth it).  Even better…Poulet Koenkamp, the amazing designer/owner of PurpleMoon takes part in Fifty5 Linden Thursdays.  Not each Thursday, but more than not.  And recently, she has been putting up TWO items up for 55L!!  Most of Poulet’s designs run 300L Plus, especially her gorgeous gowns….but this week, she’s got one gown and one outfit up for 55L EACH.  UNREAL.

The first is the Eve Gown in Silver.  This is a gorgeous gown (which I also own in Pink and Peach) that comes with TWO different skirt options, a floor length combined flexi and sculpted skirt and then a shorter skirt option which is just sculpted.  Poulet is very much influenced by flowers and floral designs and she implements them into her amazing builds flawlessly. 

Gown – Eve In Silver – PurpleMoon
Hair – Monica in Caviar – Bliss Couture Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Jewelry – Earrings from the Endless Love *Diamond* Collection – Mood (AlaMood)
The next look is definitely more on the casual side, which Poulet also pull off flawlessly.  Dajanaye in Black is a fun, super sexy look with a DEEP plunging neckline and a fun flirty Chiffon Bolero Jacket.  The jeans that come with the outfit are a prime example of amazing texturing of prim parts.  They are virtually seamless.  The outfit also comes with the fun string necklace, bracelet and prim belt, which are all Menu Mod. (Love that!) The Prim bottoms of the jeans are not menu mod, but they are modifiable so you can fit them perfectly with what ever shoes you want to wear.

Outfit – Dajanaye in Black – PurpleMoon
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Hair – Skyla in Crow – Truth Hair
Shoes – Coquette Noir Mischief Wedge – Indyra Originals

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