Just some musings….

Lately, My IMs have been capped in SL.  I see that a lot with people who own shops or who play games in SL that use base sensors (Bloodlines War anyone?).  For me it’s cause of the amount of subscribo’s I hit.  Subscribo’s are a great way to get updates from designers and sometimes group gifts.  I wade through tons of note cards each time I log on looking for the specials each designer has to offer.  That being said, I should also mention, that when I can, I most certainly will pay full price at certain stores.  Some designers I just absolutely adore and  constantly wear their clothing or jewelry (as you can see from the last three posts, Mood Jewelry by Jori Watler is one of my faves). So to thank the amazing designers for offering wonderful things  at discount, I thank them back when I can by paying full price.  But like in RL, i get a HUGE buzz off of getting amazing deals.
I should also mention, when I say amazing deals, I mean just that.  I abhor copybotters. I find they are the lowest of the low in SecondLife.  I have had the honor to become friends with some designers, had friends who became designers and I see first hand the amount of time and effort and yes, even money that goes into creating the amazing fashions on SL.  If you know of any copybotters, do the whole SL community a favor and report them to Linden Labs and don’t support this.  It’s stealing, plain and simple.

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